Cluster Hosts 1st Annual Innovation Summit

Over 50 community leaders attended the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster’s 1st Annual Innovation Summit held yesterday at the Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront.
The purpose of the event was to bring together community business, institutional and academic leaders to learn about innovation and the steps to building a knowledge-based economy. The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation partnered with the Cluster to execute the event for the community.
“What an opportunity for the community to be involved in and to learn first hand of the innovation and work being done at the Cluster. The end result will be new employment opportunities in the knowledge-based economy with the potential for additional spin off employment for small manufacturers and service providers. The Peterborough CFDC is supportive of business development in the region and is very pleased to partner with the Cluster,” said Judy Heffernan, General Manager, Community Futures Development Corporation.
“The Chamber is very pleased to support the Cluster by sponsoring this Summit. We feel that the Cluster provides a tremendous opportunity for the business community at large, and the more knowledge we have about the opportunity, the bigger the opportunity will be,” commented Stu Harrison, General Manager, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.
Speakers, including Dr. Michel Chrétien, Ottawa Health Research Institute, and Bob Delaney, Parliamentary Assistant for the Ministry of Research and Innovation, expressed the importance of research innovation and its impact on community development. During the event four workshops were held to provide greater insight into the Innovation Cluster’s programming. Workshop topics included: Business Development, Commercialization of Intellectual Property, Development of Research Infrastructure, and Attraction of Researchers.
“We are pleased with the community participation for this event. It’s provided a platform for collaboration and networking among participants and an opportunity to discuss innovation within our region and the possibilities that exist with respect to a knowledge-based economy,” remarked Andy Mitchell, President, Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster.
The Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster is a not-for-profit corporation with a mission to facilitate and advance life sciences, environmental, DNA and other innovative research in the Peterborough region. Its goal is to help promote and sustain a strong local knowledge-based economy.