Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. Awarded Top 10 Green Solution

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A local clean tech company is making waves across the world with their solution to clean water sources in remote areas, namely touristic areas. Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly clean water solutions to communities and businesses struggling with water scarcity across the world.
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This week, Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. was named awarded as a Top 10 Green Solution in Tourism during the international event, Global Green Destinations Day held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Peterborough-based company won the award from Green Destinations for their Air to Water solutions, which harvest large quantities of water powered by renewable energy.
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With their head office in Peterborough, Canada, Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. is growing quickly with a manufacturing facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and authorized partners and stakeholders around the world. Without a doubt, Rainmaker technologies bring significant business and research and development activity to the Peterborough region and have a major impact on the communities in which their solutions are deployed.
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This Air to Water innovation is 100% sustainable and leaves no damaging footprint where it is placed; running completely on renewable energy makes this a positive environmental, social, and economical impact! This cost-effective solution has the potential to change the world, especially in dry areas where there is a lack of rain. Areas like this become attractive tourist destinations when companies like Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. are able to provide fresh drinking water. Other Air to Water systems exist in the Netherlands and Kuwait.