Michael Skinner Talks Investment in the Local Economy

Building the local economy is no small feat. When we think about local businesses, successes, and growth, we often remind ourselves to spend more of our hard-earned dollars at home to keep these entrepreneurs in business. Peterborough Dialogues interviewed our CEO Michael Skinner to talk about investing in community and growing the local economy.
Peterborough is a great community for bringing people together, creating awareness, and reminding people to purchase from and invest in local businesses to eventually create jobs.
“Every time we spend a dollar either outside of our community, or outside of our province, or outside of our country, is a dollar that could have been brought into our community,” says Michael Skinner.

“We’re really well positioned to grow this community from within,” Michael says. “We’ve got a workforce that’s here today. What we really need is to bring that workforce together with some key business people really driving an economy for those individuals.”
Businesses become very rooted in the Peterborough community and the opportunities to grow from within are here. Peterborough students who realize the potential in Peterborough would help decrease the ninety-some percent of students that leave post-graduation. The challenge of finding a specialized job in Peterborough for both spouses is evident, but we can work towards solving this problem by identifying the social side and lifestyle of Peterborough.
“It’s important to continue to remind people of what our successes are and to continue to elevate them and bring attention to them,” says Michael Skinner.

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