Young Entrepreneurs Creating Tech Jobs in Peterborough

RIbbet Tech 2017
In Ontario today, the tech sector makes up 6.2% of provincial employment (5.6% for Canada) and boasts the expertise of young entrepreneurs who challenge preconceived notions and create emerging technologies to help grow our economy.
Responsible for $117 billion of Canada’s economic output in 2015, the tech sector also receives the most private sector investment for R&D and provides healthy incomes for employees in the field. There’s no doubt that the innovation, diversity, and value that arises from the tech sector is impacting Canada’s economy in a huge way.
Closer to home, Peterborough’s tech sector is on the rise with innovative startups, like Ribbet, creating jobs and bringing sustainable income to the area. Sana & Ribat of Ribbet are revolutionizing the way people discover and interact with local businesses through a disruptive loyalty app, and continue to grow their team and their business.
“New technologies drive employment and economic growth, transform traditional industries, and reinvent how we work and go about our daily lives” says Creig Lamb and Matthew Seddon of Brookfield Institute.
While some of the tech talent is heading for the nearby metropolis of Toronto, Peterborough is taking huge steps to attract & keep digital & tech talent; the development of VentureNorth is a great example. Ribbet has also done a fantastic job of creating local jobs. The innovative duo just hired a third team member and is looking to hire an eager Front-End Developer as their fourth.
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