Innovation Cluster Launches Mindfulness Event Series to Encourage Self-care

The Innovation Cluster launched a Maintaining Mindfulness as an Entrepreneur series throughout the month of August for its second year to promote practicing self-care to local entrepreneurs.
Self-care is all about improving one’s own health and longevity, and can be broken down into many practices. It’s something that any person should take time for, especially entrepreneurs!
Building a startup is a full time job, which means entrepreneurs often don’t take enough time to put their health first.
Entrepreneurs that ignore self-care can lead themselves into to stress, sickness and failure. Even says so.
So, the Innovation Cluster decided to launch a series where entrepreneurs can practice self-care while at The Cube (our downtown Peterborough incubator for startups)!
Self-care practices are often broken down into these categories:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Professional
  • Social

We kicked off the series to promote physical self-care with Hands-ON: Pilates with The Healthy Sweet Potato! Jessica Dalliday, founder of Pilates on Demand, a local startup in the Peterborough area, led the workshop. The event not only provided physical benefits, but also served as a meditation practice for some!
The second part of the Mindfulness series was led by our Innovation Partner, Legendary Coaching, to promote professional and social self-care! The workshop led participants through practices they can implement within their everyday lives to avoid burnout while growing their  business.
The final workshop allowed startups and the public to enjoy time spent with five East Central Therapy Dogs for emotional self-care! Because seriously, who isn’t happy being surrounded by dogs?
According to a report on the startup community by Business Insider, 7% of the general population report suffering from depression, while 30% of founders report dealing with its effects, and more than 50% of those get to burnout. Feeling stressed yourself? Check out some tips on how to manage it HERE.

The Innovation Cluster is always hosting new/free workshops and events for entrepreneurs, students, and the public! Keep up to date with what’s going on HERE!