Top Fleming College and Trent University Students Announced for Pitch It! Competition!


FastStart invited students from Trent University and Fleming College to submit their innovative business ideas for the fifth annual Pitch It! competition for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Pitch It! culminates on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the VentureNorth Building in a Dragons’ Den-style pitch competition before a panel of industry judges. Participating students can win a grand prize of $350, or runner-up prize of $150, meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, and receive help to bring their innovative idea to market.


Here are the top students that will be pitching at the event. . .
Cole McCall 
IDEA: A user friendly app for shoppers at large grocery stores to help them find products without having to visit every aisle in the store. 
Vanessa Mathieu
IDEA: Paper Planet Project is a social enterprise that creates sustainable products with diverted paper whilst focusing on creating a positive change in consumer behaviour. Area of focus is to re-purpose the fine paper collected on campus and divert it from landfill facilities and also teach children to garden and grow their own food through education modules.
Krushan Purohit
IDEA: A ride-share app that helps students travel to or from Peterborough, targeting college students. The focus is to prevent missed rides for school and work while indirectly reducing fuel consumption.
Taranpreet Kaur 
IDEA: Introduce edible straws which can be eaten after use and would help reduce customer concern on the plastic waste and be beneficial for the environment. 
Shane Willis
IDEA: A lawn mower with components of newer technology that contains electric engines to save on pollution created by the lawn mowers in the current market. 
Ishita Marwaha 
IDEA: An app that helps new students, immigrants and tourists find the location they need to be at through maps. The app will act like the Google Maps but will be based on the interior of the buildings at colleges, universities and malls. 
Niyas Musthafa Chamalayil Afsal 
IDEA: A device which scans prescriptions at the pharmacy and gives required information so the customer does not need to wait for a pharmacist when there are long wait times.
Shikha Puri
IDEA: An online marketplace for new entrepreneurs who need a work-space and can’t afford to pay rent for an office space with the extra costs of furniture and equipment. The marketplace arranges and offers individual or shared work-spaces at various locations with a range of prices. 
Harshman Thakar
IDEA: An online platform providing books and digital resources for students at discounted prices. The platform is advertisement-based revenue where students will have to watch ads to access more resources.
Prabhjyot Singh
IDEA: Refillable markers available for all the whiteboards being used in Ontario at schools. This is to eliminate the issue of markers drying up every month to reduce plastic waste.
Sapna Sapna
IDEA: A pop-up truck near Fleming College, which provides all international students with food they crave, especially the ones who are vegetarian and have limited options. It will provide food with a focus on vegetarian options for all students.
Kamilhasan Saiyed
IDEA: A sustainable business which focuses on getting the public buses to use naturally obtained power rather than using fuel. The company would offer to introduce less complex circuits to buses which would operate on the ground of electricity and thus would provide energy to the bus when not in motion or stopped at the terminal or bus stop. 
Alesha Colaco
IDEA: A special collection day each month to collect old electronic goods for re-use. The e-waste will then be used to create new jewelry.
Lucas Graham
IDEA: An app Giftlist, which would use artificial intelligence to figure out a person’s interests and give suggestions on what you could purchase for them as a gift.