Fleming College Creates Face Shields in 3D Makerspace to Support Frontline Workers

Fleming College has been working out of its downtown 3D Makerspace, located in the Innovation Cluster‘s main incubator, to create headbands and reinforcement pieces for face shields. These will be given to frontline healthcare workers in the Peterborough region.
The initiative began on April 3, when Fleming College delivered headbands to the Peterborough PPE Initiative, a group of Peterborough makers who are creating personal protective equipment. This group, which is led by Fleming College graduate Dylan Radcliffe, have been creating face shields using PETG sheets, plastic brackets, and elastic material, made possible by the Makerspace’s 3D printers.
Fleming School of Trades & Technology faculty Fereydoon Diba, with support from Operations Manager Mary MacLeod and Computer Science Technologist Phillip Chee, supported the group by creating more than 500 bottom reinforcement pieces for face shields in the Makerspace.
The donation was made on April 16 and the Peterborough PPE Initiative will assemble and sanitize the face shields, which will be used at Peterborough Regional Health Centre.
Fleming College says they are proud to support this initiative to help frontline workers stay safe and will continue producing pieces to create much-needed face shields.
The Innovation Cluster continues to support Fleming College’s residence in the incubator, as they run both the 3D Makerspace as well as its hub that holds classes for business and entrepreneurship students.
“When Fleming College decided to open the 3D Makerspace in the incubator months ago, we knew the hands-on learning environment would be important, but now we know it is essential,” says John Gillis, President of the Innovation Cluster. “The incubator has always been home to important technological advancements and we are excited that even though startups are unable to physically complete their work in the space due to COVID-19, it is still being used to create and make a difference.”