You're invited to Hands-ON with BDO Canada

You are invited to the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster’s Hands-ON Workshop

with Innovation Cluster “Knowledge Partner“: BDO Canada

On November 18, 2015, the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster will host “Hands-ON” in conjunction with our Community PartnerPeterborough Community Futures Development Corporation. Hands-ON is designed to be a series of interactive workshops that will support the growth ambitions of local entrepreneurs.
Hands-ON workshops take place in a small group setting designed to develop the skills needed by early-stage entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their ventures.
By facilitating interactive, “hands on” learning, this series is also designed to help Peterborough’s youth and student community explore entrepreneurship as a career option.
“’Hands-ON’ is all about helping to increase the success of our current and future entrepreneurs, while helping turn students’ passion for entrepreneurship into reality”, says Innovation Cluster CEO, Martin Yuill.

Space is limited, REGISTER NOW!

Hands On with BDO Canada

BDO-Canada-LLPCreating and maintaining thorough business records is essential. These records will help you analyze your business’s profitability, stay out of trouble with tax authorities, maintain positive relationships with clients and vendors, protect your business from lawsuits. For the most part, you can choose any record keeping system that works for you. However, laws and best practices require/suggest specific methods of record keeping and lengths of time to keep different types of records. Which specific regulations and practices apply to you will depend on your line of business. Certain records are key to all businesses, however, and we’ll discuss a few of the most important ones here.

Topics include:

  • What records do I have to keep if I’m a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation?
  • How do I select a business year-end?
  • How should I set-up my books?
  • What records should I keep?
  • How do I determine whether or not I can hire someone as an independent contractor?
  • How are CPP contributions handled?
  • What are capital assets and how are they claimed?
  • How do I claim meals and entertainment?
  • How do I claim business-use-of-home expense?
  • How do I claim automobile expenses?
  • What happens if I have business losses?
  • How do I make HST remittances?

Geoff MacPhee, CPA, CA – Senior Accountant
Geoff is a senior accountant in BDO’s Peterborough office concentrating in the tax area.  Geoff graduated from Brock University in 2011 and completed his CPA, CA in 2012. He has been with BDO full time since in 2011 and secured a secondment with BDO USA in 2014 where he focused on M&A projects. Geoff completed ICEAW training in 2014, earning his IFRS Specialization and is currently enrolled in the CICA Tax In-depth program.
Geoff is currently the President and Board Chair of the Peterborough Humane Society. He also organizes BDO’s annual ball hockey fundraiser in support of the United Way of Peterborough. When he can find time, Geoff enjoys running and playing both golf and hockey.
Karen Berends, CPA, CA – Manager
Karen is a manager in BDO’s Peterborough office providing accounting, tax and assurance services to entrepreneurs and small not-for-profit organizations. Karen graduated from Wilfird Laurier University in 2008 and earned her CA in 2011 and CPA in 2012. Subsequently, Karen qualified as a tax reviewer and experienced A&A practitioner within BDO Canada.
Karen is an active member of the community. Karen is currently a member of KCC, an avid attendee of Kawartha Family Business Group. She is one of the co-chairs of BDO Peterborough’s annual Drive Away Hunger in support of Kawartha Food Share and the United Way fundraising campaigns. When Karen is not busy with the community endeavors, you can find her at home baking up treats or doing something creative.