Newly Launched Trent Makerspace will Expand Local Cleantech Innovation

The Innovation Cluster is excited to announce the launch of the Trent Makerspace in Trent University’s DNA Building with a mission to expand cleantech innovation, through the funding support of the Eastern Ontario Development Program and NobleGen Inc.
The initiative started after $200,000 was granted from the Eastern Ontario Development Program’s Collaborative Economic Development Projects (CEDP) stream, to support the Innovation Cluster in advancing cleantech innovation throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas.
The Trent Makerspace is just one piece of the work that the Innovation Cluster is spearheading to promote the birth of new companies in the region!
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Noblegen Inc., the first incubated client and cleantech company to reside in Innovation Cluster’s incubator, provided cash support to the Makerspace. The biotechnology company has since accelerated into a fully operational lab facility, gaining headlines for cleantech advancement in the Peterborough area. With the donation, the company is looking to assist the Makerspace to create more opportunities for cleantech innovation within the community.
“We thank the Innovation Cluster for helping our business grow from the incubation stage to accelerating into the company we are today,” says Dr. Andressa Lacerda, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Noblegen Inc. “We want to give back to this region by supporting the growth and creation of other cleantech innovations.”

makerspace 5Canada currently ranks fourth in global cleantech innovation, and second in early startups. As of this year, Canada ranks number one in funding available to innovation in technology, which will help support clusters and environments like the Trent Makerspace.
“Having a local resource like the Cluster is a phenomenal asset for startup entrepreneurs,” says Wendy Curtis, Executive Director of Northumberland CFDC. “Being able to source and have the support of in-house incubation, networking, participatory learning and mentoring under one roof is exactly the ecosystem young entrepreneurs need to succeed and sustain.”
The investment will support the creation of up to 80 new full-time startup positions, which will benefit rural Eastern Ontario.
“The Innovation Cluster appreciates the support from CEDP, Trent University and NobleGen for providing the region with the resources needed for startup creation and growth,” says Skinner. “NobleGen Inc. is a key example of the opportunity startups have in Peterborough when given the resources to drive their innovation to success.”