First Canadian Football Game Announces Release on XBox One and PC Desktop

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Canadian Football 2017 will be the first Canadian football sports game to be released on XBox One and PC, a project envisioned by the entrepreneurs behind the creation of the business Canuck Play Inc.
canuck play screen grab 2As a digital technology client of the Innovation Cluster and finalists of Bears’ Lair 2016, Canuck Play has grown their incubated company exceedingly since joining the Cluster in March of 2016. The gaming industry contributed $3 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2016 and Peterborough is proud to be playing in that market as well.
In a mission to bring Canada’s sports, heroes and culture to the gaming space, President David Winter and Vice-President Sheryl Loucks combined their background of game developing and administrative skills to make Canuck Play a reality.
“I’m proud to announce that Canadian Football 2017 has been certified for release on the XBox One, bringing Canada’s game to a major console for the first time,” says David Winter, Canuck Play Inc.’s President and Co-Founder.

From the animation to creating a character’s movement by wearing a motion capture suit, the co-founders of Cacanuck play twitter repliesnuck Play have worked on every detail of the game to make it available to the public. Nearing release date, Canuck Play has gained a social following of video gamers around the world interested in the product, eager to try it themselves.
Through endless work to bring the first game to life, Canuck Play’s football title has now been certified to be released on multiple gaming platforms.
Along with XBox One, Canadian Football 2017 has also been approved for PC distribution via Steam, allowing players on various platforms to experience and enjoy the Canadian sports title.
“Canuck Play has showed endless persistence when it comes to growing their company and bringing it to market, and I congratulate them on reaching this new milestone,” says Michael Skinner, President and CEO of the Innovation Cluster.
Public release of the title on both platforms is scheduled for the end of July with details to follow, including a press event July 25th before the launch.