Incubated Startup Space for Hired Fleming College and Trent University Students Will Now be Free Through New Graduate Program Partnership

The Innovation Cluster is launching a Graduate Program for alumni of Fleming College and Trent University. Graduates hired by Innovation Cluster startups will now be provided free office space, to further employment opportunities, starting March 2018.
The Graduate Program was created in partnership between the Innovation Cluster, Fleming College and Trent University as an incentive that promotes the growth of entrepreneurship, employment and student opportunities in Peterborough.
“Fleming College and Trent University does a great job at bringing in National and International students,” says Michael Skinner, President & CEO of the Innovation Cluster. “We hope this program will retain this talent in our region.”
The launched program promotes startup companies located in The Cube incubator to hire locally through Fleming College and Trent University alumni, to increase both employment rates for Peterborough’s educational institutions as well as reduce cost for incubated startups.
Currently, startup founders pay a monthly fee of one-hundred dollars per desk space per employee. This is still the case, however those with current employees who are Trent and Fleming graduates will not incur a fee for desk space, along with future alumni employees hired. Founders accepted into the program through the application process receive complimentary space to ensure that money is put to good use – few incubators champion this model.
Maxine Mann, Dean of Fleming’s School of Business and School of Trades and Technology says the new program creates a career gateway for a range of Fleming College programs.
“This is a great incentive to provide local employment opportunities to our graduates,” says Mann. “The technology-based companies working within the Innovation Cluster could provide employment for graduates to utilize their skills obtained by a range of programs that Fleming College offers.”
Graduates who have passed through programs like software development, sales & marketing and business administration are frequent positions that need filled by startups.
John Knight, Manager of Corporate Research Relationships at Trent University says the incentive is another great addition to the entrepreneur ecosystem Trent University holds.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for students and will promote Trent University graduates to enter careers that help foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Peterborough,” says Knight.
Multiple companies within the Cluster who have grown their team by hiring local graduates have been able to reach new milestones with the aid from their employees.
Basil Alias is an alumni of Fleming College who was hired as a software engineer by growing startup Ribitt, a mobile app that supports local businesses through a rewards platform.
“I am really enjoying working at the Innovation Cluster and it’s exciting to be part of the Ribitt team,” says Alias. “I took Project Management at Fleming College and the program helped me to plan, break down tasks and finish projects on time.”

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