Health Advocate and Entrepreneur Launches Pilates on Demand, Allowing Prenatal & Fitness Classes to be Available Comfortably at Home

Local entrepreneur Jessica Dalliday has launched Pilates on Demand, an innovative website as a branch of her business Healthy Sweet Potato, to increase efficient and reliable resources for active living training through an online platform. The website has officially launched and aims to provide an alternative option for those looking to keep healthy.
The Pilates on Demand website will provide multiple video series, each including a follow-along workout session that is categorized by levels from beginner to advanced. There will also be a series specifically for prenatal and postnatal classes, and will take the guesswork out of exercising. The customizable videos and little need for equipment is what sets apart other workout series so users can enjoy the workouts anywhere, whether they are recovering from an injury, have limited mobility or want to be in a safe space.
“This will be most beneficial to mothers who live a busy lifestyle but still aspire to stay healthy and active,” says Dalliday.
Dalliday always knew she wanted to pursue a career that supported healthy living while allowing her to follow the same path. After studying Kinesiology, Dalliday entered multiple career paths including Certified Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Pilates Instructor, Part-time Faculty member at York University, Blogger and Influencer with close to 5,000 followers on Instagram alone.
After moving to the Kawartha Lakes area from Toronto last year and teaching Pilates, Dalliday realized it was hard on clients to make it to classes because of scheduling and travel and turned to FastStart Peterborough for support. Determined to find a solution, Dalliday knew the online series would be beneficial to any client.
Dalliday has also created her own fundraising campaign, the Infertility Fund, which a part of proceeds from Pilates on Demand will go towards supporting women who experience infertility. Dalliday has had her own personal experience of struggling with infertility, and wanted to support those in similar situations.
After discovering she struggled with infertility, Dalliday’s lifestyle changed, including multiple doctor appointments, surgery, medication, travelling, and relating symptoms she had to adjust to. Through her experience, Dalliday re-learned what it meant to be healthy for herself.
“You have to listen to your body, not try to control it,” says Dalliday. “I decided to become open about my journey because not everyone understands the impact it can have on a person, the symptoms, loneliness and re-adjusting your health habits is only a few of the effects.”
Dalliday will continue her online blog The Healthy Sweet Potato, providing tips for an overall happy and healthy life, as well as sharing an openness to her own living experiences when it comes to health, eating, fitness and fertility.
“It’s exciting to see a local health and wellness influencer turn her social media following into an alternative solution for active women,” says Rosalea Terry, Marketing Manager and Senior Innovation Specialist at the Innovation Cluster. “With Expedia recently ranking Peterborough as the 21st most active city in Canada, it is an obvious choice for Pilates on Demand to launch here!”
Pilates on Demand will be available through a membership price. Dalliday says her next milestone will be creating a mobile app version of Pilates on Demand.
Visit Pilates on Demand.
Visit: The Healthy Sweet Potato