Innovation Partner Highlight: Legendary Coaching

We are excited to highlight an Innovation Cluster member – a Knowledge Partner this year to The Cube: our business incubator for technology start-ups and early-stage companies: Legendary Coaching!

The Legendary Coaching team are passionate about helping people lead themselves and others well. Working with individuals and organizations, they provide leadership coaching, conflict resolution training, business retreats and mediation to help set them up for success!
Legendary Coaching helps champion this process in their clients by: ENGAGING people and their organizations where they are at, EMPOWERING who they are, and INSPIRING the “why” of what matters to them.
ENGAGE: By exploring existing leadership, change and conflict management systems they help organizations uncover fresh and innovative opportunities to achieve the results they want.
EMPOWER: Equipping individuals with emotional wisdom and communication tools that increase the effectiveness of their leadership and help affect positive outcomes in their spheres of influence.
INSPIRE: As they help individuals and organizations explore who they are and why they matter, they discover their passions and become inspired. As a result, a contagious culture appears that draws out the strengths of their team and elevates their performance.
From organizational development to succession planning, Legendary Coaching brings 25 years of diverse business experience to help take you where you want to go. In the realm of mediation and facilitation, they help leaders and organizations understand and work with conflict to improve the quality of their relationships, empower fairness, cultivate innovation and increase productivity and profitability. They also provide workshops and seminars that give participants the tools they need to start applying what they have discovered right away so they can see results.

“We would love to make a difference with you and your team today!”



Ryan visits The Cube every month, allowing entrepreneurs easy access to Legendary Coaching’s services!

Ryan is passionate about helping people uncover who they are and why they matter. He loves to come alongside and support people and organizations, helping them reach the fullness of their potential. Furthermore, he desires to see leaders operate from a place of passion in what they do, and workplaces where relationships are protected and empowered.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, as well as extensive experience mentoring and coaching in the education and non-profit sectors.


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