Local Startup’s Innovative IIOT Solution Will Revolutionize The Industrial Landscape

Dapagee Industrial IOT Corporation is a Kawartha Lakes startup with an innovative monitoring system that drastically reduces machine downtime and costs for companies worldwide and now locally in Cobourg. Dapagee provides an end to end solution that seamlessly monitors and sends machinery data with ease from existing mission critical equipment that previously did not “have a voice”.

Dapagee is currently working with Lakefront Utilities in Cobourg to add their monitoring sensors to the Municipal water pumps. Lakefront Utilities is responsible for supplying safe water throughout Cobourg, Colborne, Grafton and Hamilton Township.

Their main products are a four function Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor, that measures and transmits ambient temperature, surface temperature, vibration, humidity and a wireless oil debris sensor to give 24/7, 365 days a week monitoring of oil systems. Collecting data from remote locations and existing assets across an organization is simplified, and is currently the easiest to deploy condition monitoring system on the market which can be up-and-running in five to ten minutes.

“Our devices are essential as these industries start to welcome more digital innovations,” says Paul Tamlin, CEO of Dapagee. “Our condition monitoring sensor supplies visibility to changing equipment operation that Maintenance groups otherwise would not have seen, potentially saving extreme costs and repairs to our clients.”

According to software development company MobiDev, 94% of companies will implement IIoT strategies by 2021, the largest sectors including discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, transportation and utilities.

“The data from the condition monitoring sensors will help us monitor the water pumps and help determine which pumps need maintenance and or rebuilding first,” says Shawn Bolender, Manager of Water Operations at Lakefront Utilities. “If there is a change in operation of the pump, the system alerts us via text or email that it needs immediate attention which can reduce our downtime and cost of repair. We also have sensors in our Water Hydrants which give us visibility to what is happening underground which are monitored via the same platform.”

The startup’s data platform monitors water hydrant sensors that have already been installed across North America and Europe, and will now provide visibility to what is happening underground in Cobourg, with data captured regularly and stored securely. The system is able to monitor and detect potential damage due to pressure, transient events and water temperature. It can also detect and pinpoint leaks underground equivalent to the length of a house. 

Without using a monitoring system like this, undetected damage to machines such as municipal water pumps can be drastic. According to Machine Design, on average, reduced downtime is responsible for 60 to 70% of a company’s savings

“Dapagee’s innovative products have successfully helped companies worldwide and locally save drastic costs in machine maintenance,” says John Gillis, President of the Innovation Cluster. “We look forward to seeing the long-term impact this will have on partnering businesses and the local economy.”

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