OptiSolve® Launches Proprietary Environmental Hygiene

As public spaces start to reopen and aim to meet elevated cleanliness and safety standards amidst the ongoing global pandemic, OptiSolve® Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of two breakthrough cleaning validation technologies.

These proprietary technologies are the SAVI® Quality Management System and Pathfinder™ real-time surface imaging technology. Working in tandem, these help facility teams better understand where, when and how to clean.  They measure data for improved environmental hygiene compliance and targeted surface verification, mitigating current guesswork and overuse of resources.

Michael Skinner, CEO of the Innovation Cluster says “OptiSolve is an excellent example of the type of company that excels inside of the Innovation Cluster’s incubator.  Especially in today’s climate, these new technologies can bring peace of mind to companies that proper cleaning is happening and potentially could save lives.”

“This system is essential for any facility dedicated to effective cleaning and proactive infection prevention,” says Natalie Ambler, Co-founder of OptiSolve. “It’s a powerful technology to optimize results and resource allocation based on evidence-based feedback.”

About OptiSolve SAVI

A cloud-based quality management system that can be used across multiple locations and teams to standardize and assess cleaning processes and results. SAVI (Site Assessment Validation Indicator) features automated reporting dashboards that make it possible to analyze data to improve training, reduce costs and develop effective precision cleaning programs.

About OptiSolve Pathfinder

An award-winning surface imaging technology used to detect contamination on hard, non-porous surfaces. It provides on-site, real-time intensity map images showing exactly where contamination remains on surfaces. Pathfinder integrates with SAVI to attach imaging results to site assessments for advanced analytics and reporting.