Alana Dall

Alana Dall

Operations & Events Manager

Alana has been with the Innovation Cluster since 2017 and continues to bring her detail-oriented, organized, and solution-driven approach to ensure that the daily operations of the Innovation Cluster’s two incubators, events, and other programming run seamlessly. 

Her responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Booking meetings between clients and partners
  • Planning and executing public and private workshops
  • Community outreach
  • Internal and external event planning
  • Managing the Board of Directors
  • Assisting in program planning, implementation, and management
  • Managing the Startup Visa Program
  • Managing AR Makerspace 

Alana has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Trent University and a post-graduate certificate in Event Management from Algonquin College. 

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Areas of Expertise

  • Event Planning, Coordination & Execution
  • Event Marketing
  • Client Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Organizational Operations
  • Program Planning & Management