30 Day Cube Bootcamp

The Cube is the region's only full service incubator designed to put innovative entrepreneurs on the path to success. Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with the 30-Day Cube Bootcamp!

Camila Duarte

STARTup Visa Program Manager

Alana leads the Innovation Cluster’s STARTup Visa Program, and works closely advising international entrepreneurs.

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Before your incubation at the Innovation Cluster begins, we kick off a 30-Day Cube Bootcamp for new clients each quarter. That means that once accepted into the The Innovation Cluster's Cube Incubation, new clients must complete the 4-week long program to equip your company with the necessary tools to succeed in the incubator. 

While we accept applications to the Cube Incubation on an ongoing basis, accepted clients will not begin their programming until the following quarter. This allows you to join a cohort of other new startups, share knowledge with your peers and support each other as you embark on the next chapter of your business. In the meantime, between pre-acceptance and the start of your cohort's program, you can follow our social media and attend public workshops.

The 30-day Cube Bootcamp is divided into four workshop themes, all designed to give you the tools you need to establish, start and grow your company. Below you will find an outline of the 30-day Cube Bootcamp; the program is delivered virtually.

  • Week One: Business Fundamentals
  • Week Two: Business Strategy
  • Week Three: Financials and Cash Flow
  • Week Four: Market Research and Marketing 

You, and/or members of your team must attend the virtual sessions. The virtual workshops take place once a week throughout the month at noon. You will have the opportunity to fill a feedback survey after every session. 

After successfully completing the 30 Day Cube Bootcamp Program, you will undergo a Milestone Review to reflect on your business's growth and needs, followed by a full integration into the 6-month Cube Incubation Program and have access to all resources and mentors from the Innovation Cluster.

The Bootcamp begins the first week of January, May, and September.

To learn more about the program, as well as our Cube Incubation and application process, email us at admin@innovationcluster.ca today!


“This is a time when having someone to reach out to, to talk about ideas, and to work through this situation is certainly lowering my stress. They have connections and people are willing to listen to you because you are connected to the Innovation Cluster.”

Dan Kitchen
Make Stuff Move

"If you look at Silicon Valley, the companies there are part of big incubators that catapult them into the marketplace. To have an incubation space is crucial when trying to get your startup going. An incubation space reduces the rate of failure.”

Sanu Somaweera

“The Cube is a collaborative, supportive space,” says Chowdhury. “It inspires you to share and learn. Even if other entrepreneurs are in a different sector, they still experience a lot of the same challenges, so we can learn from each other.”

Ribat Chowdhury

“It’s a great place to talk to others who have been through the entrepreneurial process. It’s important to test your ideas as often as you can with as many people as you can.”

Miriam Verberg
Bloom Digital Media