“Hands-ON” is a program aimed at enhancing the business skills of Peterborough’s entrepreneurs.

Alana Dall

Operations & Events Manager

Alana leads Innovation Cluster day-to-day operations, event planning, community outreach, internal and external event planning, and financials for the organization.

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“Hands-ON” is a program aimed at enhancing the business skills of Peterborough’s entrepreneurs.

A series of interactive workshops that support the growth ambitions of local entrepreneurs and start-ups, Hands-ON workshops take place in a small group setting designed to develop the skills needed by early-stage entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their ventures. By facilitating interactive, “hands on” learning, this series is also designed to help Peterborough’s youth and student community explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

“Hands-ON” is all about helping to increase the success of our current and future entrepreneurs, while helping turn students’ passion for entrepreneurship into reality.

The workshops are delivered by the Innovation Cluster’s “Knowledge Partners“. Knowledge Partners are professional service providers who have signed up with the Cluster to support the growth of Peterborough’s entrepreneurs by providing expert advice, guidance and mentorship. They also assist entrepreneurs evaluate their ideas, jump-start their businesses, and lay the foundations for future growth.

Our partners provide local entrepreneurs with value-adding information focused specifically on solving or preventing the challenges commonly encountered by early-stage ventures.

Hands-ON workshops are open to the public and attendees are first come first serve. To stay up to date on our Hands-ON workshops check out our events page or stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.