John Gillis

John started his entrepreneurial journey creating a business in process instrumentation and automation, which quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company, Measuremax. The main focus for Measuremax was the water/wastewater market and created many innovative products to service the sector. John has been a founding member of the Peterborough Region Angel Network, since 2006, which has a focus on investing in cleantech companies and startups. He then partnered with two other Angels and two young entrepreneurs to start Aclarus Ozone, a technology company in the water and wastewater market. After several years of business, John has come to the Innovation Cluster so that he may use his time and knowledge to give back to the community of Peterborough in the cleantech industry. John is now president of the Innovation Cluster. In this role, he helps startups in various technology sectors. John also won the Business Leader Award in Water Canada’s Water Next Awards 2020.